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Description: Four 2" x 2" (5.08 x 5.08 cm) photographs document floats in the New Straitsville Moonshine Festival Parade in Perry County, Ohio. Held over Memorial Day weekend, the New Straitsville Moonshine Festival began in 1971. The year before, a homecoming celebration was held in honor of the town's centennial. The event was a success, and residents decided to hold the event every year. It was named the Moonshine Festival in honor of New Straitsville's history as a producer of bootleg moonshine during the Great Depression, when many of the region's coal mines were closed. The Moonshine Festival includes a parade, crowning of "Miss Moonshine," and the distilling of moonshine. While the sale of moonshine is illegal in Ohio, moonshine is made for demonstration purposes at the festival and later dumped. Moonshine is a type of whiskey distilled from corn mash (a mixture of corn, sugar, water, and yeast). The result is a high-proof whiskey, which was often made at night "by light of the moon" to avoid prosecution by law enforcement agencies. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Arts and Entertainment; Parades & processions; Stills (Distilleries); Floats (Parades); Festivals; Alcoholic beverages
Places: New Straitsville (Ohio); Perry County (Ohio)