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Ohio Country map
Description: This map bears the title "A Map of the Country on the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers Shewing the Situation of the Indian Towns with Respect to the Army under the Command of Colonel Bouquet." A second map on the same sheet is titled "A Survey of that part of the Indian Country through which Colonel Bouquet Marched in 1764 by Thomas Hutchins." The map, which measures 12.20 by 14.6 inches (31 x 37 cm), represents one of the oldest drawings of the Ohio country. It appeared in the book "An Historical Account of the Expedition Against the Ohio Indians, in the Year MDCCLXIV" published by William Smith in 1766. Colonel Henry Bouquet, an officer in the British military, led one of two expeditions from Fort Pitt to the Ohio country in 1764. Bouquet's mission was to obtain peace declarations from the American Indians and retrieve captives that had been taken during the French and Indian War and Pontiac's Rebellion. Thomas Hutchins recorded the sites of encampments Bouquet's men made during the 1764 expedition. Hutchins rendered the top portion of this map based on an earlier map he drew after he toured the Ohio country in 1762. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Military Ohio; American Indians in Ohio; Geography and Natural Resources; Maps; Rivers
Places: Northwest Territory