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Ohio History Connection Quilt Collection
Description: There is no record of who made this quilt but the initials "D.K.H." are embroidered on it. It is thought to have been made for the 1910 Amish wedding of Deliah Kempf and Abner Helmuth in Holmes County, Ohio. The quilt is pieced in a double four-patch pattern using solid colors of brown, brown-red, blue, gold and tan wool. The blocks are placed on point with alternating plain blocks. The back is tan cotton. The quilting is done in a diamond grid through the center and in a quadruple cable in the one border. The binding is blue. This quilt has the typical dark plain colors preferred by the Amish. The donor purchased this quilt from their daughter. The size of the quilt is 185cm x 154cm (73 x 61 inches). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Daily Life; Ohio Women; Quilts; Amish; Amish Quilts
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