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Description: This certificate documents the death of aviator Orville Wright on January 30, 1948. Wright died at the age of 77, having survived his brother Wilbur, who died on May 30, 1912. Orville Wright's occupation is listed on the death certificate as, "Inventor of Airplanes." This death certificate is part of the official record kept by the Ohio Division of Vital Statistics, and deposited at the Ohio History Connection. The certificate is one-page (front and back) and measures 8" x 7.75" (20.32 x 19.69 cm). Aviator Orville Wright (1871-1948) was the sixth child of Milton and Susan Koerner Wright. He was named after Orville Dewey, a Unitarian minister. As a child, Orville was closer to his younger sister Katharine than his brother Wilbur, who was four years older. Two of the Wright children died in infancy. Orville, who decided from an early age to become a printer, did not attend his senior year at Central High School in Dayton. Instead, he started a printing business with Wilbur. They later shifted the business to the repair and manufacture of bicycles. Fascinated by the glider flight of Octo Lilienthal, Wilbur and Orville read everything they could find about aeronautics. They tested their first glider at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in 1900 and on December 17, 1903, became the first to fly a heavier-than-air craft. The brothers continued testing at Huffman Prairie in Dayton, and in France, Italy, and England. A Wright airplane was purchased by the Army in 1909 and the brothers began the Wright Company to manufacture private planes. Orville resigned his interest in the Wright Company in 1915 and lived at Hawthorne Hill, his home in Dayton, Ohio, until his death on January 30, 1948. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Wright, Orville, 1871-1948; Transportation--Ohio--History; Aviation--History; Science and Technology; Flight; Statistics, Vital
Places: Dayton (Ohio); Montgomery County (Ohio)