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Ripley Anti-Slavery Society minutes
Description: This minute book records the activities of the Ripley Anti-Slavery Society in Brown County, Ohio, from 1835 until 1848. It includes the group's constitution, membership list, and minutes. The goal of the society was to "convince their fellow citizens that slaveholding is a heinous sin." Minutes reveal that the Anti-Slavery Society discussed a variety of topics, including education for slaves, the destruction of the Philanthropist Press (an abolitionist newspaper in Cincinnati), and monetary support of the state society. Abolitionist Reverend John Rankin served as secretary of the society and was appointed a delegate to the Ohio State Anti-Slavery Society convention in Granville in 1836. The book includes approximately 50 written pages in addition to numerous blank pages throughout. Also included are a brief set of minutes for an unidentified Russelville congregation during the 1860s. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Civil Liberties; African American Ohioans; Underground Railroad; Abolition; Abolitionists; Anti-Slavery--19th Century; Societies and clubs;
Places: Ripley (Ohio); Brown County (Ohio)