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Norris F. Schneider Collection
Description: This photograph shows the third y-shaped bridge built at the confluence of the Muskingum and Licking rivers in Zanesville. It was completed in 1832 and was replaced in 1902. In 1812 a charter was granted to Moses Dillon and others to construct a toll bridge that spanned the confluence of the Muskingum and Licking rivers, connecting Zanesville with Natchez and West Zanesville. A walled, oak-planked bridge with a central pier where the forks of a "Y" met was opened to the public in 1814. A makeshift structure, this first bridge (1814-1818) needed constant repair and collapsed into the river in 1818. A second bridge (1819-1832) was built on the same site of stronger construction, but it was condemned thirteen years later when twelve-inch-thick ice in the river weakened the superstructure. During renovation work in 1832, a section of the bride collapsed, killing two men, one of whom was Ebenezer Buckingham, an owner of the bridge. The third Y bridge (1832-1900) stood until 1900. On January 4, 1902, the fourth Y bridge (1902-1979) was opened for foot passengers. Ten days later, streetcars and wagons began to cross the bridge. In 1979, the fourth Y bridge was judged unsafe. A fifth bridge opened on November 9, 1984. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: Om1903_1984425_005
Subjects: Transportation; Architecture; Rivers; Muskingum River (Ohio); Licking River (Ohio); Bridges; Street railroads
Places: Zanesville (Ohio); Muskingum County (Ohio)