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Wayne County Courthouse
Description: This image shows the doorway of the Wayne County Courthouse, located at 428 West Liberty Street in Wooster, Ohio. The Second Empire style courthouse was built from 1877-1879 by architect Thomas Boyd. In the original plans, the building was supposed to be symmetrical, however county officials decided to preserve the newer, north annex of the old courthouse to save money. Outside the south and east entrances are four statues of the mythological character Atlantes, made out of Berea stone, meant to represent the Titan Atlas who was forced to support the heavens on his shoulders as a result of his rebellion toward the gods. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AV101_B01F07_501
Subjects: Courthouses--Ohio; National Register of Historic Places; clock towers; arches; mansard roofs; Second Empire
Places: Wooster (Ohio); Wayne County (Ohio)