North Carolina State Capitol   Save
Robert Deshon Collection
Description: This is the front and side facades of the North Carolina State Capitol. This building is an example of Greek Revival. It was completed in 1840 at a cost of just over $532,000. Portions of the third floor also incorporate Gothic style elements, and an aerial view of the building will show its cross shape. Today, the building houses the governor and lieutenant governor and their staff. The Supreme Court and State Library moved to a separate building in 1888, and the General Assembly moved to the State Legislative Building in 1963. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AV101_B01F07_528
Subjects: Capitols--North Carolina; National Register of Historic Places; rotundas (interior spaces); groined vaults; Doric order; Greek Revival
Places: Raleigh (North Carolina); 1 E. Edenton St.