Fairfield County Courthouse   Save
Robert Deshon Collection
Description: This image shows the side facade of the Fairfield County Courthouse. Although this building, completed in 1872 by architect Jacob Orman, has been replaced by the Fairfield County Hall of Justice as the official building for Probate, Juvenile, and Common Pleas Court, it remained the courthouse until 1975. Currently, this building houses administrative offices, but it has retained its title as Fairfield County Courthouse. The Italianate and Colonial Revival building is made entirely of locally quarried stone View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AV101_B01F02_134
Subjects: Courthouses--Ohio; flat roofs; bays (building divisions); arches; hood moldings; cornices; dentils; cornerstones; Italianate (North American architecture styles)
Places: Lancaster (Ohio); Fairfield County (Ohio); 210 E. Main St.