Jefferson County Courthouse   Save
Robert Deshon Collection
Description: This image shows the front facade of the Jefferson County Courthouse. This Beaux-Arts style courthouse was built in 1874 when Steubenville was transitioning from a rural community to an industrial one. Originally, the sandstone building had a mansard roof with ornate dormer windows and a tower, but a heavy snowstorm in 1950 caused the roof to collapse. Instead of restoring the old roof or replacing the courthouse altogether, the county removed the tower and converted the original roof to a flat roof. In front of the building stands a statue of Edwin McMasters Stanton, a lawyer from Steubenville who was later Secretary of War under Abraham Lincoln. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AV101_B01F03_244
Subjects: Courthouses--Ohio; flat roofs; arches; hood moldings; entablatures; keystones; pediments; pilasters; consoles (brackets); Beaux-Arts
Places: Steubenville (Ohio); Jefferson County (Ohio); 301 Market St.