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Ohio Department of Industrial and Economic Development
Description: Dated ca. 1940-1949, this photograph shows the inside of Canter's Cave, looking up to the forest floor above. Canter's Cave is located in Jackson, Ohio, on the east side of Little Salt Creek. The "cave" is actually two natural rock shelters, Echo Cave and Indian Cave, created by a stream that runs through the area, slowly carving away the rock and lowering the ground level. Remains of mammoth, mastodon, and other prehistoric creatures have been discovered at Canter's Cave, as well as many common woodland animals, some no longer found in Ohio today, such as elk, buffalo, and panthers. Prehistoric American Indian peoples, such as the Hopewell, as well as modern American Indian tribes and early European settlers, inhabited the area. Canter's Cave is now a 4-H camp managed by The Ohio State University Extension Office. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL00360
Subjects: Caves; Geology; Parks; Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio
Places: Jackson (Ohio); Jackson County (Ohio)