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Description: Reverse reads: "The Globe Iron Co, the largest manufacturers of Hi-Scilicon Iron in the U.S. They employ 200." This is an external view of the The Globe Iron Company buildings in Jackson, Ohio. Globe Furnace was founded in 1872, near the present day intersection of Main and South Streets, in Jackson, Ohio by Captain Lewis Davis. In 1873 the company merged with the local Fulton Furnace Company and renamed as Globe Iron Company. A chance discovery was made around 1887 of silvery pig iron, an alloy of iron, manganese and silicon. It was found that this alloy was useful in many different applications and became so successful that they paid all their debts and eventually began making improvements to the facilities, both in 1901 and 1912. A new blast furnace was erected in 1929, but with the onset of the Depression, the company experienced a downturn in sales which lasted until World War II, when the demand for pig iron greatly increased. In 1956, Globe merged with Interlake Iron Corporation. On September 4, 1960 a large explosion shook the iron plant with damage so widespread that the blast furnace never reopened. By the late 1960s, the plant had been leveled and the Jackson Square Shopping Center built on the land. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Iron industry and trade--Ohio; Jackson County (Ohio)--History; Industries--Ohio; Pig-iron; Works Progress Administration of Ohio (U.S.)
Places: Jackson (Ohio); Jackson County (Ohio)