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Description: The photograph shows the octopus ride at Buckeye Lake's amusement park. The ride has eight cars which rotate around a central axis. In the background a large building can be seen. When Ohioans began construction of the Ohio and Erie Canal in the 1820's workers built a dike that diverted water from the south fork of the Licking River into the small pond, which then became known as the Licking Summit Reservoir. As canals declined in popularity and use in the second half of the nineteenth century, the Ohio and Erie Canal was abandoned and began to deteriorate. The canal's decline did not mean an end to the Licking Summit Reservoir. Instead, the state legislature renamed it Buckeye Lake and made it a public park in 1894. By the early twentieth century, the reservoir had become an attractive location for recreational activities. An electric trolley system known as the Columbus, Buckeye Lake and Newark Interurban Electric Railway connected the park to nearby urban areas. In 1906, a number of men in the area formed the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club, which still exists to this day. By the 1910s, Buckeye Lake boasted an amusement park on its north shore, as well as a number of hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that catered to tourists. In 1949, the state of Ohio designated Buckeye Lake as a state park. The amusement park began to decline in popularity by the late 1950s. Visitors to Buckeye Lake today can find only one remaining structure fromf the old Buckeye Lake Amusement Park, a fountain that is located as the Buckeye Lake State Park's North Shore. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Amusement Parks--Ohio--Pictorial works.; Amusement rides; Midways; Buckeye Lake State Park (Ohio);
Places: Buckeye Lake (Ohio); Fairfield County (Ohio); Licking County (Ohio)