Snake handling at Rocky River Reservation   Save
Snake handling at Rocky River Reservation
Description: The photograph shows a Cleveland Metroparks naturalist or employee showing a snake to a group of children inside of the Rocky River Reservation Nature Center. The snake the park ranger is holding appears to be a black rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta). The naturalist is giving a lecture about the reptile to the children, while standing in front of a fire place with a fish fossil in the mantle. The museum also features some fossils and a plaque on the wall reads the following: "This museum is devoted to the work of helping visitors to this park to a better understanding of the plant and animal life of the Rocky River valley. Your questions will be gladly answered by the trailside naturalist in charge." View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA1039AV_B13F03_0030_001
Subjects: Cleveland Metropolitan Park District (Ohio); Trailside Museums; Snakes
Places: Cleveland (Ohio); Cuyahoga County (Ohio); North Olmsted (Ohio)