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Description: This is a photo of a citizenship class that was taught by people who were employed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) agency. The photo shows several immigrant people, most likely of European dissent, who are seated, and most of them are women. The two women who are standing are presumed to be employed by the WPA. There is also a man seated in the back of the photo. He is also presumed to be employed by the WPA and could possibly be the actual instructor. The WPA was enacted in 1935 and was responsible for putting millions of unskilled people to work in public works projects throughout the country. The WPA is a New Deal agency and was dissolved in 1943 as a result from a massive amount of employment opportunities due to the need of workers during World War II. Citizenship classes, also called Americanization classes, were focused on teaching immigrants the English language to allow them to then find work and become active members in society. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ohio--History--Pictorial works; Federal Writers' Project; United States. Works Progress Administration; Americanization; Citizenship--America; Fashion; Classroom environment; Immigrant women; Immigrant men; Working class women
Places: Toledo (Ohio); Lucas County (Ohio)