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Germantown Dam photograph
Description: The Germantown Dam is an earthen embankment located across Twin Creek in southwestern Montgomery County near the village of Germantown. A conservancy road goes across the top of the dam. The dam was built to temporarily store floodwater and has no gates or permanent pool. It is 1,210 feet long and 100 feet high. There are two concrete conduits through the base of the embankment at the north abutment. The conduits are sized to discharge a peak flow during an Official Plan Flood that can be handled by the flood protection levees and channels downstream. The remainder of the floodwaters are temporarily stored behind the dam and released over time. An emergency spillway is located in a low area through the left abutment north of the dam. It was built after the 1913 flood which resulted in a vigorous movement for flood protection. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Geography and Natural Resources; Climate and Weather; Dams; Flood control; Miami Conservancy District (Ohio)
Places: Germantown (Ohio); Montgomery County (Ohio)