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Description: In 1804, the Congregationalist Church authorized Reverend David Bacon to establish the town of Tallmadge, Ohio. Tallmadge was to be the center of the Congregationalist Church and its missionary efforts in the Connecticut Western Reserve. The church building was to be located in the center of town with all roads radiating outward like the sun’s rays. A Tallmadge committee of seven men developed plans for building the church in 1819 and appointed one of their members, Lemuel Porter of Conneticut, as the architect and builder. Tallmadge Church raising began in July of 1822. It was dedicated on September 8, 1825. Reflecting Porter's design, the wood, brace-framed church features a Federal/Greek Revival style portico, supported by four large columns, and a dominant one hundred foot high steeple with a weathervane. The main building measured 44-feet wide by 56-feet long. The State of Ohio acquired the church in 1971, which is now managed by the Ohio Historical Society, and is used for weddings and other special events. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Churches--Ohio; Tallmadge Congregational Church, UCC (Tallmadge, Ohio)
Places: Tallmadge (Ohio); Summit County (Ohio)