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Description: Milford is an abbreviated form of mill ford and was so named because it was the first safe ford across the Little Miami River and was the only way for many people to reach the oil mill. The area was first surveyed by John Nancarrow, a Revolutionary War veteran from Virginia. John Hageman was the first permanent settler, and the area was originally named Hangeman's Mill. In 1803 Hageman put up a small mill to improve water power. After Hangeman left for Indiana in 1815, Milford became the popular name of the area. Around 1805, Ethan Stone of Cincinnati, built an oil mill on the mill-race above a small bridge, which was in operation until 1817. In this building, carding was done by Rust and Dimmet, and later, John Eldredge, had a liquor distillery. In 1818 a wood bridge made the ford obsolete and in 1920, the old mill that was the city's namesake, burned down. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Milford (Ohio); Little Miami River (Ohio); Mills
Places: Milford (Ohio); Clermont County (Ohio); Hamilton County (Ohio)