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Description: Reverse reads: "Improvement of E. Main St. from Detroit St. to E. Corporation line, Removing car tracks and repairing. Greene County, Xenia, O, Oct. 13, 1936. 4x5 Neg., 2 - 8x10 sent to Columbus, 6 8x10 to Mr. Jackson, Nov. 5, 1936. State 14-29-1304, WPA 6390." Xenia is a city in Greene County, Ohio. As of the 2009 census, the city had a population of 27,437. The name comes from the Greek word Xenia which means "hospitality". View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA1039AV_B11F02_003_001
Subjects: Roads--Design and construction
Places: Xenia (Ohio); Greene County (Ohio)