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Ohio School for the Blind Queen Mary model
Description: Photograph of a Queen Mary replica from a collection of models for the Ohio State School for the Blind. The Queen Mary, of the once Cunard-White Star line, a British company, is a retired ocean linear that sailed the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. In 1936, the Queen Mary held the world's record for speed in both east and west Atlantic crossings, averaging 30.63 knots an hour. The main dining room was 160 feet long and 118 wide, extending through three decks. It took 24 large boilers heated by 200 oil burners to generate steam for the turbines. Fumes from the boilers were carried off by the three funnels. During World War II, the Queen Mary, its running mate Queen Elizabeth, and Normandie were converted to be used as troopships. Queen Mary's hull, superstructure and funnels were painted navy gray in the conversion. In December 1942, she carried 16,082 American troops from New York to Great Britain. The Queen Mary still holds the standing record for the most passengers ever transported on one vessel. Before World War II, the ocean liner could accommodate 1,995 passengers with 421 cabin-class suites and rooms, 300 tourist class staterooms and 214 third-class rooms. On September 19, 1967, after 1,001 crossings of the Atlantic, Queen Mary retired. The Queen Mary now resides in Long Beach, California. Model dimensions: length 46", width 6", height 11". Photographs and descriptions of models were included in the book "Models for the Blind," compiled by workers of the Ohio Writers' Program. The book was meant as a guide, to be used in the building and study of models, and as documentation of the achievements at the Ohio State School for the Blind. The models were a result of research, design and construction by employees of the Works Projects Administration. Models were made of durable materials to withstand regular usage. The average cost of labor for larger models was $45. A special room was built to store the models where teachers could borrow them to be used in classroom instruction. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: United States. Work Projects Administration; Blind--Education--Ohio; Ohio State School for the Blind; Queen Mary (Steamship); Ship models
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