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Description: Caption on reverse reads: "Montgomery County, Ohio. The Poland China Hog Monument. At Blue Ball, 5.3 miles south of Franklin on U.S. Route 25, the Dixie Highway. The inscription reads: 'The first pedigree of a Poland China Hog was written on this farm in August, 1876, by W.O. Hankinson, owner of farm and Carl Freigau, compiler of the original record. This strictly American breed of swine originated within a radius of a few miles of this place, and in the making occupied the period from 1816 to 1850. The first volume of pedigrees was printed in 1878. This monument was erected by the Ohio Poland China Breeders Associations. Unveiled, June 15, 1922.'" The monument was originally located outside of a farm 1 mile north of the village of Blue Bell and was moved in 1976 to its current location, across from Towne Mall. A opening was left in the foundation for a copper box containing a duplicated of the first pedigrees printed and other valuable articles, which was later sealed inside. Polish China swines are derived from many breeds including the Berkshire and Hampshire. It is the oldest American breed of swine. The hogs are typically black, sometimes with white patches, and are known for their large size. Big Bill, the largest hog ever recorded, was a Poland China. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Monuments--Ohio; Poland-China swine
Places: Blue Bell (Ohio); Franklin (Ohio); Montgomery County (Ohio)