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Description: Handwritten on reverse: "McKinley Memorial - Canton, Ohio." The McKinley Monument is located at 800 Monument Drive NW, adjacent to Westlawn Cemetery. It is a large granite structure, partly resembling in its lines and setting the Taj Mahal of India and, to a lesser degree, the tomb of Hadrian. In the foreground is a lagoon, built in four sections, each one a few feet higher than the one below, and flanked on both sides by tree-shaded walks. The building is in the form of a large cylinder capped with two domes. One dome, which is fifty feet in diameter and seventy-five feet high, is known as the interior dome. The exterior dome is seventy-five feet in diameter and ninety-five feet high. Less than halfway up the steps is the bronze figure of McKinley, one hand in his trousers pocket, the other holding a sheaf of papers. The bodies of McKinley, his wife Ida Saxton McKinley, and two infant daughters rest within the mausoleum. Here are also many McKinley relics. The tomb is constantly decorated by wreaths and flowers sent by individuals and organizations from all over the country. To honor McKinley, schoolchildren from across the United States donated money to build the McKinley National Memorial in Canton. The McKinley Memorial Association, formed after the president's death, helped raise the funds. Harold Van Buren Magonigle designed the McKinley National Memorial. Construction began on the memorial in 1905. Workers used over two million bricks in the tomb's construction. President Theodore Roosevelt, who became president upon McKinley's death, dedicated the memorial on September 30, 1907. William McKinley, Jr., was president of the United States from March 1897 to September 1901. McKinley was born in Niles, Ohio, but he spent much of his life in Canton, Ohio. Leon Czolgosz assassinated McKinley at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. McKinley died on September 14, 1901, eight days after being shot. McKinley was the second president from Ohio to be assassinated. He also was the third president from Ohio to not survive his term in office. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Mausoleums--United States; Monuments & memorials--Ohio--Canton--1900-1910; McKinley National Memorial (Canton, Ohio); Canton, O. McKinley statue; Magonigle, H. Van Buren (Harold Van Buren), 1867-1935
Places: Canton (Ohio); Stark County (Ohio)