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Lanterman's Falls and the Old Mill
Description: Reverse reads: "Lanterman's Falls and the Old Mill--Mill Creek Park." Lanterman's Mill is located in Youngstown, Ohio, about three miles south of the center of town. It was built between 1845 and 1846 by German Lanterman and his brother-in-law, Samuel Kimberly. German and his wife, Sally Ann, owned a large tract of land encompassing the area around the falls. Lanterman's Mill was the third mill to be constructed at the falls and was used solely as a grist mill. It is believed that this mill was originally powered by an over-shot wheel, but had been converted to turbines prior to its closing in 1888. Although Lanterman's Mill was a highly successful operation, utilizing three sets of grinding stones, it is speculated that its downfall was due to the advent of roller mills, which were much more efficient and less costly to run. At the end of the 18th century, all the land surrounding the falls belonged to John Young, the founder of Youngstown. In August 1797, Isaac Powers and Phineas Hill, residents of the area, set out to explore the then-unnamed Mill Creek. After recognizing the potential for a milling enterprise, Hill offered to purchase the 300 acres surrounding the falls from John Young. Young stipulated that Hill must build a saw and grist mill on the site within eighteen months of the date of purchase. The first mill (operated 1799-1822) was built of logs obtained on the site. The millstones were cut from granite boulders that were found in the area. In 1823 it was replaced by a second mill. Built by Eli Baldwin, it was a frame structure that served only as a grist mill. In 1843 an unprecedented flood washed Baldwin's mill away. Today, one of the grinding stones from this mill can still be seen approximately 500 feet downstream of the falls. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Mill Creek Park (Youngstown, Ohio); Mills and mill-work--Ohio; Waterfalls--Ohio
Places: Youngstown (Ohio); Mahoning County (Ohio)