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Description: This photograph shows a large industrial machine (Stevens) holding rectangular metal forms and moving them down the assembly line for painting. This is most likely the Frigidaire plant in Moraine (just south of Dayton). The General Motors Corporation Frigidaire Division Plant No. 1, was located at 300 Taylor St., in Dayton, Ohio and together with the assembling plant at Moraine, south of Dayton, was the world's largest producer of electric refrigeration equipment and was Dayton's biggest single industry. GM spent $1.2 billion to convert the refrigerator plant to a truck-building plant, re-employing hundreds who had lost their jobs when GM sold the Frigidaire division in 1979 and it was closed. The GM plant announced the closure of the plant in 2008. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA1039AV_B08F02_005_001
Subjects: Industries--Ohio--Dayton; Assembly lines; Factories--United States; General Motors Corporation. Frigidaire Division, Dayton, Ohio
Places: Moraine (Ohio); Montgomery County (Ohio)