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Ohio Guide Photographs
Description: Caption reads: "Jefferson County - June, 1939. In a basement nook of the Steubenville public library, partly surrounded by books which they could only begin to read, a small literacy and citizenship class meets regularly to learn their a,b,c's. George Kozelnicky, extreme left, is the teacher and is himself a native of Czechoslovakia. Three of the pupils are natives of Yugoslavia, one of Poland and one of Czechoslovakia." Another caption reads: "Used in the Ohio Guide. Ident - B 9 to Illinois National Picture Book 1/9/41; Location - Steubenville, Ohio; Credit - Information Unit WPA in Ohio; Caption - Literacy and Citizenship Class." This photograph shows six people sitting around a table reading a book. The book on the table is titled "English for Coming Citizens by H. M. Coldberger" View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA1039AV_B08F06_021_001
Subjects: Literacy programs--Ohio--Steubenville; Naturalization--United States; Public libraries--Ohio; United States. Works Progress Administration
Places: Steubenville (Ohio); Jefferson County (Ohio)