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Description: Document is titled "Pre-Disaster Plans of Sub-Committee on Clothing." The document explains that the disaster committee is responsible for providing clothing to those in need after the event of a disaster in Pomeroy. The document lists the names of the committee members and provides a list of clothing items available from local merchants in the event of an emergency. The document reads: "Pomeroy Pre-Disaster Plans of Sub-Committee on Clothing: Personnel: Chairman- Mr. Frank B. Will - Manager - New York Clothing Store - 444J Mr. Dor Schaefer - " - Red Anchor Dep't Store - 445 Mr. Gerald Rice - " - Luckoff Shoe Store - 44J Mr. R. L. Jacobs - " - Ben Franklin Store - None Mr. Virgil Campbell - " - Campbell & Crow Clothing - 54J This Committee is responsible for providing clothing for Disaster Sufferers and will be responsible to a very great extent for the distribution of donated clothing that might be given to the Red Cross Chapter during a disaster. Headquarters for Clothing will be the new American Legion Home on West Main Street. This will be used as the central station for clothing; but the Sugar Run School House is also available as well as the Kerrs Run School. An effort will be made upon evacuation of homes to have refugees take sufficient clothing with them to last for several days. The Committee believes that a number of volunteer workers will be called upon to assist the committee in the event much clothing is sent in to make this clothing available for refugees' use. This Committee is unanimous in their belief that only clothing that is usable be sent into the disaster area. Inventories shall be kept on all clothing received and issued. The Red Cross form 200B shall be the record of issuance and control for clothing distribution. The Committee has determined that in the event of Disaster the following will be available from local merchants in the Pomeroy Bend: 1000 Blankets 500 Pairs of boots 500 Suits of underwear 350 Pairs of overalls 150 Raincoats 350 Work shirts 500 Pairs of shoes The sub-committee on Clothing will maintain a co-ordination of the activities of other Disaster Committees on Rescue, Transportation, Shelter, Registration and Information. In the event Disaster occurs, this Committee will immediately meet and try to ascertain the needs for clothing. Frank B. Will, Chairman" View on Ohio Memory.
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