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Description: Dated ca. 1930-1939, this photograph shows the home of Caleb and Mary Inglish, located at 139 W 2nd St., Chillicothe, Ohio, in Ross County. According to the Ohio Historic Inventory, the original house was built around 1800. Another source placed the interior fine Federal cabinetwork to ca. 1825-1830. Also according to the Ohio Historic Inventory, the Greek Revival front section was added in 1830. Another source, however, indicates this second section was added sometime after Caleb and Mary Inglish Allen acquired the house in 1845. The initials C.A. dated 1864 are inscribed in a ladder in the attic. The "legend" behind this ladder and the rooftop it leads to is that it was a lookout for the Underground Railway. In 1919, Caleb and Mary's daughter, Mary Etta Allen Trimble, inherited the house. Her daughter, Gertrude Allen, inherited the home in 1930. She added the section in your photo. Based on oral history, this section was probably added in the late 1930s. Rhea Allen Mettler inherited the house in 1958 after Gertrude Allen passed. When Rhea Allen Mettler passed, the home was sold to William and Meng in 1968. This house passed within family through five generations from the 1830s to 1968. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA1039AV_B01F08_016_001
Subjects: Architecture; Doorways; Columns; Houses; Ohio--History--Pictorial works; Federal Writers' Project
Places: Chillicothe (Ohio); Ross County (Ohio)