Haystacks on a farm in Medina County   Save
Haystacks on a farm in Medina County
Description: Caption reads: "Route 303 - Hinckley Township - Medina County. (Photographed by Henry P Boynton - 1940)." The farm probably was located along Route 303 (Center Rd.) in Hinckley Township, Ohio. It is not known if this farm still exists. Hinckley Township is one of the seventeen townships of Medina County, Ohio, United States, located in the northeast corner of the county. The 2000 census found 6,753 people in the township. It has a total area of 26.9 square miles. The township became known across Ohio and the United States as the home of the buzzards. On March 15 of every year, buzzards arrive in large flocks at the town, as if on a very exact biological clock. The town began celebrating the arrival of the birds in 1957, and today as many as 50,000 visitors visit the Hinckley Reservation in the town annually on "Buzzard Day" to witness the return of the avian residents. The event is used to mark the beginning of spring for Hinckley and the surrounding towns. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Medina County (Ohio); Farm life; Haystacks; Crops
Places: Hinckley Township (Ohio); Medina County (Ohio)