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Description: The Rutherford B Hayes home was built by his uncle and guardian, Sardis Birchard. Due to the difficulty of obtaining materials and labor during the Civil War period, the house was in construction for five years from 1859 to 1963. The original portion of the two story brick home contained eight bedrooms and a wrap around veranda. The veranda was Hayes' favorite part and he made plans to enlarge it to a veranda with a house attached. Hayes moved his family into the house in 1873, prior to his terms as Governor of Ohio and then President of the United States. Upon his return from the White House in 1881, Hayes renovated the house and built an addition. The addition included a library for his 12,000 book collection, a large reception room, three bedrooms and indoor plumbing. The most spectacular improvement was a four story walnut and butternut stair case. It led to a rooftop lantern which offered a 360 degree view of the Hayes estate, called Spiegel Grove. In 1889, the Hayes built another addition to the home. They demolished a back wing and replaced it with a larger one, in anticipation of visits from the grandchildren and friends. The new wing contains a large dining room, a kitchen, two servants rooms and three bedrooms. Unfortunately during this latest construction, Mrs Hayes died. The President followed her in death in January 1893. Both of them died in their beloved home in Speigel Grove. View on Ohio Memory.
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