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Description: The home of President Rutherford B, Hayes was a 31 room mansion built by his uncle and guardian, Sardis Birchard. It was built as a summer home that Birchard could share with his nephew and family. The construction period was from 1859 to 1863. It took five years because of the difficulty obtaining workers and supplies due to the American Civil War. The home had eight bedrooms and a wrap around veranda. The veranda was particularly loved by President Hayes. In 1873 he wrote in his diary "The best part of the present house is the veranda. But I would enlarge it. I want a veranda with a house attached." Hayes spent the next 20 years planning and improving his home. He moved his family into the home in 1873, where they lived until he became Governor of Ohio in 1875. Them he became President of the United States, moving back to Fremont in 1880. At that time, he added a library to house his 12,000 books, a large reception room, three bedrooms and indoor plumbing. A four-story walnut and butternut staircase leads to a rooftop lantern giving a 360 degree view of Spiegel Grove, the Hayes Estate. In 1888, they demolished a back wing and added a larger one, in anticipation of family visits. The new large wing has a dining room, kitchen, two servants rooms and three bedrooms. Mrs Hayes died during the last construction, and President Hayes died in January 1893. They both died in the home they loved in Spiegel Grove. View on Ohio Memory.
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