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Wood burning boiler
Description: Laborer shoveling wood into furnace of a boiler silo. Among the many functions of biofuel combustion, wood fuel was used to power mills and steam turbines to generate electricity. Legend holds that Ohio forests were once so thick that a squirrel could travel from the Ohio River to Lake Erie without ever touching ground. Pioneers relied upon the forest to provide many of their basic needs. Lumber was used to build houses, barns, buildings, forts and fences. Trees were also used for firewood, first in the home and later to fuel industries. Vast areas of Ohio's forests were cleared to create farmland. Much of the low-grade timber in Ohio's Hills Country was cut to make charcoal which was used in a variety of industries, including the iron industry of the Hanging Rock region. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Lumber; Labor; Iron; Industries; Steel; Works Progress Administration; Ohio Federal Writers' Project
Places: Ohio