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Hamline Methodist Episcopal Church in Steubenville
Description: Photo taken by Works Progress Administration sometime between 1936-1943. Located at 301 North 4th Street in Steubenville, it now bears the name Sycamore Tree Church. In 1803 Bishop Frances Asbury, one of the fathers of Methodism visited Steubenville and in 1810 the first “Methodist Society” or church was organized in Steubenville. It wasn’t until 1826 that Edwin M. Stanton was converted and became a member. In 1830 South Street Church experienced their first division. By 1847 the new brick facility, able to hold 500 persons, was completed. This offshoot of the South Street Church took the name of “Hamline”. In 1851 gas lines were installed in both the South Street and Hamline churches, and in 1852 Hamline left the security of South Street Church and became fully independent. 1888 Christmas Service was delivered by Rev. Dr. Youmans View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Churches; Methodist; Episcopal; New Deal; Architecture--Ohio--Pictorial works.; Works Progress Administration; Federal Writers' Project
Places: Steubenville (Ohio); Jefferson County (Ohio)