Gnadenhutten Massacre burial mound   Save
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Description: Plaque reads “In a cellar under this mound, Reverend J. Heckewelder and D. Peter, in 1779, deposited the bones. Burial mound (18 ft. across, 5 ft. high) located 200 feet south of a 37-foot-high monument made of Indiana marble. The Gnadenhutten massacre of 100 Christian Delaware Indians by American militia is often called the worst atrocity of the American Revolution. A raiding party of 160 Pennsylvania militiamen led by Lieutenant Colonel David Williamson, executed 96 Christian Indians: 28 men, 29 women and 39 children. Their skulls were crushed by mallets and they were scalped. Two young boys escaped. The town was burned and a missionary later found the bodies and buried them in a mass grave. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Monument--indian massacre--German missionaries--Moravian Christians; Gnadenhutten Massacre
Places: Gnadenhutten (Ohio); New Philadelphia (Ohio); Tuscarawas County (Ohio)