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Old Mission Church in Upper Sandusky Ohio
Description: This is a photograph of the Old Mission Church in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. The Wyandot Indians first encountered Methodism around 1816 when John Stewart came to the area of the present day Upper Sandusky. Stewart was a mulatto, probably of African and East Indian descent, with a beautiful singing voice. Word of his success came to the general Methodist church in 1819 and they formed a Methodist Missionary to support Stewart's work among the Wyandot Indians. This Wyandot Mission became the first church wide mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church. James B. Finley came to the mission in 1821. The following year, he and some Indian chiefs traveled to Washington to request government funds to build a church. This requested was granted and in 1827, the Old Mission Church was built for just over $1,000. The limestone meeting house was dedicated in 1824. The dimensions were thirty by forty feet and it was plainly furnished. The mission continued until 1843 when the Wyandot were forced to move to Kansas. The two acres of land where the church and cemetery stood were deeded to "the Methodists." The church was abandoned for about forty years and deteriorated badly. In 1889, using the original stones, it was rebuilt on the original site. In 1983 additional renovations were done. View on Ohio Memory.
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