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Bone Artifact
Description: This small, left mandible (lower jaw bone) fragment is from a dog and includes three molars. The socket for the canine tooth is present, but the tooth is missing. The jaw bone was cut behind the molars and at the lingual side, next to the canine, to make the jaw straight. There is a hole drilled below the third molar and the item is covered with red ocher, a powdered iron ore. This artifact is likely paired with another item (A 284/000004.001). This piece is believed to have come from Glacial Kame Culture. The Glacial Kame people are noted for their emphasis on ceremony, but their daily lives were much like those of other Archaic cultures. They hunted with spears aided by spear throwers. Deer, their major source of meat, also provided antler tines that were made into tools for pressure flaking flint knives and spear points, or into harpoons for fishing. Deer leg bones were cut and ground into sharp-pointed awls for sewing and basket making. Slate and coal from glacial deposits were made into ornaments, perhaps for "everyday" use. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: A0284_000004_002
Subjects: Prehistoric peoples; Animals, Fossil; Bones; Teeth
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